China Hong Kong Macau Travel Sim 15 Days 15GB

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tick icon sim du lịch 15 days use
tick icon sim du lịch 15GB high-speed internet data 4G
tick icon sim du lịch Unlimited 3G at 256kbps
tick icon sim du lịch Plug & Play/ Auto-activated. No registration needed
tick icon sim du lịch Available for Wifi Hotspot
tick icon sim du lịch Unlocked for using Facebook, Google, Gmail

What is China Hong Kong Macau Travel Sim?

China/ Hongkong/ Macau Travel Sim is a data sim card for internet connection, not for call. This sim is to be used for short-term travel in China, Hongkong, or Macau. 

With China/ Hongkong/ Macau Travel Sim data travel sim you can have connection with Facebook, Google. You can freely connect to Facebook, Google in China… like in Vietnam. If you buy sim in China you will not be able to do that.

If you frequently go to China for trading, travel or business, you should not skip this China data sim card. Almost Vietnamese travel to China need this sim to connect internet.

China/ Hong Kong/ Macau Travel Sim
China/ Hong Kong/ Macau Travel Sim 15 Days 15GB

Features of China/ Hong Kong/ Macau Travel Sim 15 Days Data

  • Receive the sim in Vietnam (collect at office or home delivery)
  • 15 GB free internet data with high speed 4G/ LTE (1GB/ Day), unlimited normal speed 3G at 256kbps
  • No registration; insert and enjoy
  • Keep in touch with family and friends without paying high cost for international roaming service
  • Share photos easily and enjoy speed web-surfing with 4G connection

Specifications of tourist sim 4G China

  • Mobile network Operator: China Unicom/ China; HKT/ Hong Kong; CTM/ Macau
  • Size: 3 proper size types: normal sim/ micro/ nano
  • Data: 3G/4G
  • Coverage: the whole China, Hong Kong, Macau
  • Expiry Date: 15 days from the date of activation
  • This prepaid SIM and the included data package service will be activated once it is inserted into your phone in the supported country(ies).

(*) Unlocked using Facebook, Google, Gmail

Customer of Sim2go.vn Check-in at Hengdian World Studios, China

How to use china hong kong travel sim

  • Step 1: Insert Sim card into your phone (using slot 1 incase your phone has 2 sim slots) During set up, please turn-off or un-install your 2nd sim from slot 2)
  • Step 2: Turn on “Cellular Data” and “Data Roaming” (Setting > Cellular Data/ Connections > Cellular Data Options/ Mobile Networks > Data Roaming > On)
  • Step 3: Restart your phones and/ or turn on Airplane mode for few seconds and then turn it off.
  • Step 4: In case you don’t get internet after those 3 steps, your phone might need to set up the APN. APN Set up as followed:
    • For Android:  Settings > Connections > Mobile Networks > APN/ Access Point Names > Add a new APN (as given below) & Save > Choose the APN you have created > complete.
    • For iOS: Settings > Cellular > Cellular Data Options > Cellular Data Networks > Add a new APN  (as given below) > & Save > Choose the APN you have created > complete
    • With some specific iPhones, if the APN information does not show up, then please go to Settings > General >  Reset > Reset Networks 
      • APN Information (to be filled in):
      • User name & Pass word: no need/ leave it in blank
      • APN: ctm-mobile

Where to buy china hong kong travel sim in Vietnam?

You can make booking of this sim card on our website www.sim2go.vn and get it delivered to your address in Vietnam within a few days or few hours if you wish! You might want to discover more information about our travel sim cards and travel experiences on our Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/sim2go.vn/

You can also call our hotline +84 889105106 (Hochiminh City) or +84 947296299 (Hanoi) to get more advice and buy the sim as quickly as you want. 

Moreover, if you’re not good at Chinese, you can easily buy a low quality sim or being cheated by the seller with a very expensive price. Many of China shops selling the same kind of sim but in very different price for foreigners.


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