A reputable and cheap place to buy a European travel sim in Vietnam

Even when traveling, using a phone to communicate and access the internet is still essential. Phones are used to stay in touch with loved ones at home, with a group member or post a photo of check-in in Europe.

Address to buy European travel sim in Vietnam

What kind of sim card to buy in Europe is one of the issues that many tourists are interested in. This sim brings convenience to your travel.

Is it necessary to buy a European travel sim when traveling?

Unlike domestic or Southeast Asian tours, European tourism will have differences that if not carefully studied and carefully prepared, will encounter many difficulties and surprises. Usually when going to Europe with long trips from half a month to more than 1 month. Therefore, in order to make European trips more convenient, the use of mobile phones – smartphones to support the trip is extremely necessary.

1. Store necessary information for the trip

With a smart phone you can store all the necessary information on the device and retrieve it when needed. For example, flight booking information, when booking, you can go to the email that the airline sent you, save it to your Calendar in your device and 48 hours before the flight time, the airline will let you check – in online.When you arrive at the airport you just need to go straight to the customs gate, give them a barcode scan, that’s it.

For bookings about hostels and rooms, you download the software of  booking websites  like traveloka Booking.com; Agoda; Hostelworld. After booking, you will have a list of booked bookings for the trip in your account, where you just need to show it to the hotel staff and they will have information to help you check in.

In some strange new places that have never been, without travel information you can look up available vehicles and prices at that time.

2. Use offline maps

Maps are indispensable when traveling abroad. You can ask passersby to increase interaction and communication with locals, but you can’t ask forever and sometimes without a paper map, the map available in a smartphone is extremely convenient. Offline maps are now available for those who don’t have an Internet connection in their phones, as most smartphones now have these apps in store.

3. Free online phone calls

Call charges when abroad are very high, so having a smartphone with software that can be used to make calls such as Facetime, Skype, Viber or Facebook will be very useful when you have access to free wifi. These software allow you to make calls to anywhere in the world.

4. Use 3G, 4G sim while in Europe

Roaming method

This is the easiest way, but it’s easy to faint when you get home and see your phone bill. As far as I know, the call charge in the transfer area (internal Europe) when roaming of Viettel network is 22,000 VND / minute, calling to Vietnam is 33,000 VND / minute, receiving calls is 11,000 VND / minute. In addition, the 3G fee is also quite expensive, 2,150 VND / 10kb of traffic. This method is of course not recommended.

Prepaid 3G-4G sim of a carrier in Europe

The cheapest is you buy a prepaid 3G Sim from a carrier in Europe.

Before thinking about buying a sim, you need to know for sure if your smartphone is currently locked in Vietnam. With network-locked iphones of carriers like Viettel, Vinaphone, you can easily ask them to unlock it for you at a relatively cheap price of 500,000 – 600,000 VND. Or if you miss it and you have a need, you can easily find a store and ask them to unlock it for only $20-$30.

But the disadvantages of these forms are high prices and complicated procedures

Some tips for using savings sims in Europe:

+ Smartphone will automatically use 3G data to download when you check email, locate or update software, so you should set block to use 3G to download these items. When you return to the hotel/hostel, you can use wifi to download it to save money if it’s not urgent.

+ Some carriers allow you to “preserve your freight” when you leave that country, this is useful when you plan to go through another country and return to the country where you originally bought the sim and continue using the fee has not been used up.

+ In Europe, carriers usually only charge you to call and text, and receiving calls and messages is free.

+ When buying a sim, you should buy a type of 3G or 4G capacity rather than a lot of calls because the type of call will run out of money very quickly!

+ Although you have bought a 3G sim, you should try to take advantage of free wifi whenever possible because surfing the web with 3G is still very expensive to save no matter how much you save.

+ If you plan to go on a long trip (about 1-2 months), you should choose long-term packages because the price will be cheaper.

+ Please pay attention to the size of the sim because there are many different types of sims such as micro sim, nano sim, .. to buy to suit your phone.

Address to buy European Sim in Vietnam

Currently, companies have directly imported sim cards from Europe to sell. So you can rest assured that there will be similar packages as in Europe. You just need to  go to store or contact order online. Finding the  address to buy a European travel sim in Vietnam  will become easier.

Sim2go.vn is one of the reputable addresses providing European travel sims at affordable prices. Wherever you are, you just need to sit at home to order on website: sim2go.vn or pick up the phone and call HCM: 0889.105.106 – Hanoi: 0947.296.299  to order buy European sim in Vietnam easily.

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